Who we are

Abilisoft, an AbiliGroup company, is a UK based friendly and dynamic company.  Our passion is developing mould-breaking IT solutions. We thought it was time for a change in the way ITOM software is designed, built and delivered so we developed Abilisoft Acquire and a host of other clever solutions that underpin it.

Abilisoft produce high quality, innovative products. Product development is underpinned by dependable, repeatable development practices that results in hundreds of thousands of automatic tests being run against our product set every day.

Abilisoft is agile. Our development approach means we can respond to new requirements quickly and effectively. We develop solutions that enable customer choice and help make more of their existing IT infrastructure.

We could see how customers were ‘locked’ into a vendor simply because it was technically difficult to move to another - especially for a customer with a large infrastructure. In response we developed components that are easy to integrate with whilst avoiding the creation of multiple, complicated, adapters to other vendor products .

Our team saw how competitor solutions often demanded onerous engineering effort to cope with very large scale infrastructures - because many competitor products were developed before the advent of the virtualised, fifty thousand server estate. In response, we never disregard scale - our products operate easily in fast growing, large scale environments. This elastic approach enables us to add more “tin” as needed - yet with little or no configuration changes.

It became apparent that competitor’s product sets are actually a collection of separate products obtained through the acquisition of smaller companies. Managing these often disparate products is far from ideal because of inconsistencies between the components. At Abilisoft we make the configuration and behaviour of all our components consistent, thereby simplifying the product management task.