Abilisoft Solutions 

Built on solid foundations

Our solutions are powered by Abilisoft Acquire, our well designed, reliable, scalable and robust data collection substrate.  The Abilisoft Elements that constitute Acquire are technically uncomplicated and integrate easily, making the delivery of a wide range of innovative solutions possible.

The right information in the right place

We add value at all levels of your business; lowering the total cost of ownership, improving operational efficiency and enhancing business processes.

The Front Line

Time is money and the less time your IT support teams need to manage hardware, applications and services, the better. Abilisoft reduces the amount of time taken for performance problems and downtime to be identified and resolved by continuously carrying out the relevant level of monitoring. As soon as a problem is identified, if a solution is not automated, the appropriate person within the business is notified of the problem and its location - ensuring that a solution is implemented as soon as possible.

System Owners

The owners of your business systems are able to use the data collected by Abilisoft to monitor the longer-term performance and availability of their system. End-to-end performance monitoring from the users perspective provides invaluable insight, and allows for upgrades and architecture changes to be made in the right place and at the right time. System configuration is also monitored and recorded, enabling in-depth analysis of system change and system performance. 

The Business

Many organisations place internal service level agreements (SLAs) over their most critical services and applications to ensure consistent service delivery. We allow you to accurately monitor the state of these services and applications - thereby providing the tools to measure your performance against your SLAs. You can track the performance of outsourced solutions too - ensuring that you receive the correct level of service from your outsourcing partners.

Logfile Management

The latest generation of log management and log analysis systems are powerful and flexible but often require labour intensive engineering effort to capture data from various sources. Our Logfile Management solution relieves the pain of deploying these systems by making log data acquisition from any source trivial.

Element Management

Now you can manage your telecommunication elements through a single pane of glass with our flexible and simple-to-use generic element management solution.

Network Management 

Our network management solution maintains the health of your network, empowering you to proactively monitor and administer your network in real time.