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A versatile and extensible performance monitoring solution

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Abilisoft Perform is a versatile and extensible performance monitoring system that enables you to acquire and track any kind of performance data metric from almost any source.

Perform enables you to acquire performance data from traditional and non-traditional sources, for example syslog messages, SNMP traps, network flow data, databases or CSV files.

A wide range of performance data metrics can be acquired to measure the operation of key infrastructure elements including:

  • Servers
  • Network devices
  • Databases
  • Web servers
  • Virtualisation infrastructure
  • Telecommunications equipment

The solution’s rich and powerful data processing language can be employed to analyse inbound structured, unstructured, semi-structured and non-scalar data, then extract and propagate extracted performance metrics.

Perform can be deployed out-of-the-box with the shipped multi-threaded web server, and standing them up behind any standard web-server reverse-proxy (e.g. Apache or NGINX) is trivial. Perform utilises over which is easily configured for massive scale enabling you to cope with your big data requirements. Perform gathers performance data and makes it available for display in a web based, rich internet application via custom dashboards that can be shared amongst multiple users.

If required, performance metrics can be intercepted, analysed and used to trigger additional processing. That processing may then give rise to (for example), an availability event, an e-mail or a database update. Behaviour of data processing can be controlled externally via lookups in external files, web services or databases.

Who uses it?

A UK Telecommunications Company

We use Abilisoft Perform to analyse status reports emitted from our digital telephone exchanges and extract performance metrics from them. The Abilisoft Perform Dashboards are displayed up on the NOC wall providing our team with a detailed view of the current performance of sub-systems within those exchanges. NOC staff use other Abilisoft dashboards to analyse and respond to anomalies arising in our systems. The Abilisoft solution is critical in the day-to-day provision of high-quality VOIP and broadband service to our customers; and drastically reduces the workload on our support team.

Critical National Infrastructure Provider

We are using Abilisoft Perform with other Abilisoft Solutions like Abilisoft Manage to progressively swap out legacy element management systems. We have a vast range of solutions procured over very many years and a big bang approach to a technology refresh was simply not an option. Abilisoft is a versatile solution that enables us to complete this in a step-wise and agile fashion. Abilisoft Perform is pivotal in measuring and base-lining our infrastructure.