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A versatile, flexible and scalable availability event management system

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Abilisoft Manage is a web-based availability event management system that collects and processes any sort of data so as to provide information about the status of your IT infrastructure. Abilisoft Manage can be:

  • Installed quickly and easily
  • Installed on multiple platform architectures

Abilisoft Manage will:

  • Correlate and de-duplicate availability events
  • Support a wide range of data sources
  • Support various backend databases
  • Support high-availability configurations
  • Process very high volumes of data

Manage provides a rich, interactive event management dashboard that enables users to view, sort, filter, and manage availability events, enabling you to to assure the operation of key infrastructure elements including:

  • Servers
  • Network devices
  • Databases
  • Web servers
  • Virtualisation infrastructure
  • Telecommunications equipment

Who uses it?

A UK Telecommunications Company

We use Abilisoft Manage to ascertain the availability of key telephone exchanges. Its dashboard is up on the NOC wall providing our team with an overview of each systems status. NOC staff use other dashboards to analyse and respond to issues arising in those systems. Abilisoft Manage is critical in the day-to-day provision of high-quality VOIP and broadband service to our customers and drastically reduces the workload on our support team.

Critical National Infrastructure Provider

We are using the Abilisoft solution to progressively swap out legacy element management systems. We have a vast range of solutions procured over very many years and a big bang approach to a technology refresh was simply not an option. Abilisoft Manage is a versatile solution that is pivotal to our approach, one that enables us to complete this work in a step-wise and agile fashion.