Log File Management

The latest generation of log management and analytics solutions are really cool. They enable the enterprise or cloud-centric organisation to solve operational problems faster by indexing and correlating real-time data in a searchable repository from which one can generate graphs, reports, alerts, dashboards and visualisations. Any log data; System logs, web-server logs, error logs and application logs. Sounds great?



One common issue is how to get all that lovely log into the log management system. What about your SNMP traps? Syslog messages? What about those from 50,000 sources? Data collection was never at the top of the feature list for this breed of applications because they are all about speed, storage and real-time analysis.


There's no doubt the latest log analytics tools can cope with processing high volumes of data but delivering that amount of data to them can involve a fair amount of engineering you didn't at first expect.

The Abilisoft Logfile Management solution, powered by Acquire alleviates the common engineering problems encountered when deploying a log analytics system. Abilisoft Logfile Management supports both agentless and agent-based approaches when collecting your data. The Abilisoft solution provides you with a range of integrations options with all popular Log Analytics suites including Syslog (as per RFC3164), File, any Database, Redis and MongoDB.

And you're not just limited to syslog messages and SNMP data, capture and deliver almost any other data you want to analyse.

What's more Acquire's versatile rule processing engine enables you to easily prune data that you don't care about. Deliver just the wheat, not the chaff.