Element Management

Over the years there has been a proliferation in the number of manageable devices, devices responsible for machine generated data, across many environments. This includes environments owned by organisations within the entertainment, distribution, chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries.

For example the operational infrastructure in today's typical telecommunications outfit has increased in complexity significantly in order to provide not just telephony but internet services, Voice Over IP (VOIP) and Audio and Video on Demand (AVOD).

All organisations are beginning to reap the benefits of the emergence of the "internet of things"; and while the analytics tools to leverage this data are starting to look promising it is easy to overlook the problem of assuring the delivery of that data for analysis.

The individual hardware elements, like a digital telephone exchange, a packing machine or even a television camera are all generating this key data. These are often assured through the vendor supplied management tools which vary in quality and functionality.

And when you have more than a few different types of system from different manufacturers in your environment it becomes a management overhead for your support team. They have to understand each vendor's management tool - as different as they are - and be able to respond to problem events in a timely manner.

The Abilisoft's Element Management Solutions will assure the continuous and uninterrupted delivery of that data, whatever the source is. And if we don't support it out of the box we have a dedicated team that will engineer support for it.

The result is all of your data sources are kept operational through a single pane of glass.