Reduce risk

Shopping for a new Operations Management System?

If you're about to embark on an upgrade then you should think about your strategy now.  Moving from one ITOM vendor to another is fraught with technical difficulties, especially within a very large infrastructure.  Since its initial deployment your incumbent solution has been steadily growing and isn't what it was when you first rolled it out.  Removing your incumbent operations management system will involve unpicking many of the assurances you've had in place for years.  You can take the risk out of the migration process by getting your data collection house in order first, then run old and new side-by-side, at least until you are ready for your shiny new system to go live.

Not only will you ensure the smooth transition from an existing to a new IT operations management system, you will reduce your reliance on one vendor's ability to support your heterogeneous, dynamic environment.  Using Acquire you will be in a position to feed any ITOM system better data than it can feed itself.

Take the risk out of the ITOM migration process by underpinning you operations management with Abilisoft Acquire.