Customer Support

At Abilisoft we strive to exceed customer expectations, and a superior level of customer satisfaction for post sales support is very much part of that objective. Support services offered by Abilisoft include training and consultancy.

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Email and we'll get right on it. Alternatively pop along to our support site to log a new issue or track an existing one.


Abilisoft provides a comprehensive and sustainable training strategy ensuring your organisation maximises the value of the Abilisoft solutions in the fastest possible timeframe. Abilisoft's training courses delivered directly by Abilisoft's team of trainers. With both cost-effective in-house or on-site specific training, Abilisoft will work with you to deliver an effective training strategy that fits seamlessly into your project timescales and budget.

The following training is available from Abilisoft:

  • Classroom-based training with highly experienced instructors
  • Onsite courses where training can be directed towards your organisation’s requirements
  • Bespoke training for a focused, in depth course specifically designed around attendee needs and required skills
  • Mentoring, usually following on from one of the above or from a specific project, guided learning enables a significant transition in the transfer of knowledge

For further details please contact us.


The complex world of IT can be a minefield; it is impossible for everyone to know everything. The key is to know when to engage a specialist so that you can work together to derive the most value from your IT environment, whilst removing the stress of making uninformed decisions.

You may find that IT departmental resource is limited, or within the organisation you may simply not have the relevant skill set or knowledge required for a specific project implementation.

Abilisoft's partners or Abilisoft's in-house Professional Services team are able to offer clients a comprehensive range of consultancy services to meet your requirements. 

Services include:

  • Initial Installation
  • Additional Deployments
  • Configuration
  • Remote Management
  • Testing
  • Integration of third party solutions

Abilisoft understands that our customers experience unique business drivers, and we will work to a pre-agreed SOW (Scope of Work). Abilisoft's consultants or Abilisoft's Partner consultants are best placed to provide your organisation with the value and skill set you require.

For further details please contact us.