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A data collection substrate to compliment your IT Operations Management Systems

Abilisoft Acquire can underpin and enhance any operations management solution. It is quick and easy to deploy, configure and manage. Acquire takes the hard work out of getting the right data to your IT Operations Management systems or any other destination in a robust and adaptive way. Collect, process and propagate:

  • Availability events
  • Performance metrics
  • Logs
  • Social media streams

Abilisoft Acquire can collect and shape data from any source, presenting clean, rich and consistent data to your operations management solution. This will reduce your reliance on any existing IT Operations Management solution's ability to collect, process and route the operational data that is so important to you.

Enterprise class operational management systems

Acquire integrates with all Big-4 ITOM offerings. Acquire enhances your ITOM solution's abilities and lets it get on with what it's best at; managing your environment. Meanwhile Abilisoft Acquire's innovation, clean design and usability will enable you to present your operations management system with rich, accurate and contextually correct data. You can trust Abilisoft to support all of your environment's idiosyncrasies while at the same time ensuring you are not locked into a single vendor's solution.

Acquire is the ideal ingredient in any migration strategy. If you're thinking of swapping out your incumbent operations management solution then you can do so on a non-moving target. Acquire enables you to define and understand all of your performance and availability data collection, processing and routing separately. Once you're happy with that, migration to new or additional management systems will be trivial.

Log management systems

The latest generation of log management and log analysis systems are powerful and flexible but often require labour intensive engineering effort to capture data from various sources. Acquire relieves the pain by making log data acquisition from any source trivial. In addition, Acquire provides limitless pre-processing capabilities along with simple integration mechanisms to best suit many popular log management solutions like Splunktm, Logglytm and Logstashtm.

Hybrid systems

It is not uncommon for the IT infrastructure to be assured by a collection of solutions that have evolved over time; solutions that include home grown and open source elements. It can be difficult to decide how to even begin to rationalise, consolidate and improve. With Acquire's flexibility, you can pull in disparate data from multiple sources, shape it and dispatch it to your chosen targets. Once all of your operational assurance data is routed to the same place you will be in a much better position to iteratively and progressively decommission pain points in your environment.


Increase return on investment

Acquire will help you increase the ROI on your operations management solutions by collecting and presenting more accurate, more diverse, richer data. This will decrease the time it takes to detect and resolve problems.

Tear down operational silos

Acquire helps you tear down old operational silos and enables you to utilise data generated anywhere in your infrastructure.

Reduce risk

Acquire will decouple your data collection, enrichment and routing from your operations management solutions. This means you will no longer be reliant on a single vendor to support your heterogeneous, dynamic environment, insulating you from change and releasing you from being locked in to a single vendor's solution.

Abilisoft Acquire enables you to reduce the intrusion points of your existing operations management systems, giving rise to numberous side-effects:

  • De-couples your existing management solutions from the managed infrastructure
  • Reduces risk by removing key dependencies on one vendor's solution or the personnel using it
  • Increases the diversity of data beyond what the existing management solutions are able to provide
  • Combines data from more sources in more interesting ways